Why Microgravity Research?

Microgravity research refers to the study of biological and physical processes in a weightless environment, such as space. This unique environment offers numerous advantages for researchers looking to explore new frontiers in science, medicine, and engineering.

  • Accelerated drug development
  • Space Biology - Key insights into cell mechanism
  • Fundamental Sciences - Knowledge creation
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Our Capabilites & Features

ResearchSat offers a variety of cutting-edge capabilities and features designed to advance the field of space biology research. Here are some of the key capabilities and features that set us apart:

  • Affordable satellite platforms
  • Space hardware for experiments
  • Controlled Radiation, Pressure, Temperature
  • Modular platforms [Scale up to 12U size]
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Benefits of Microgravity Research in Space

Space provides a unique environment that challenges the fluid dynamics affecting the living cell dynamics. Exploring these changes will provide new insights that may advance life-science technologies & thereputics

for Researchers

to be a torchbearer in your field, advancing your study and providing new insights into fundamental scientific principles.

  • Impactful & intellectually interesting projects
  • Interdisciplinary research in Space
  • New Knowledge Creation
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for Industries

to foster the innovation, create new market opportunities, and improve public health outcomes and economic growth but also position your company as a leader in the field of space biology research.

  • Conduct cutting-edge research
  • Value serendipitous discoveries
  • Next generation apparatus for your research
  • Represent your industry sector in Space Sector
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