Our Journey

Some of the snippet of our startup journey

  • Initiated ARC linkage grant process

    With support of the University of Adelaide, through Uni Researcher, ARC linkage project is intiated for development of ResearchSat's core IP.

  • Agreements with potential partners

    Made Agreements with potential partners (Launch company, satellite manufacturing company).

  • Raised initial funds $20,000

    Went to India to raise the funds for the first mission.

  • Selected for ICC’s Venture Catalyst Program

    Applied and selected for ICC's Space venture Catalyst program. Incubated in ICC and carried out the bussiness course on StartUp entreprenuership

  • Modelled prototype for 3D printing

    From the designs developed, optimized design is selected and printed for prototyping and purposes.

  • Registered the company Under ASIC

    Registered company under the name "ResearchSat", restructured the shareholders and their respective responsibilites and carried out brand identity tasks.

  • Incubated in ThincLab

    Pitched the concept and bussiness plan to ThincLab team and incubated in ThincLab and got access to industrial experts.

  • Developed strategic plan for the startUp

    Identified strategic pathways for space biotech research and developed few strategic plans for future growth (help of Leep Sheep)

  • Designed simple microfluidic chip

    Research carried on microfluidic chips and lab-on-chip technologies
    Designed and developed simple microbial experiment chip for debut mission

  • Ground tests

    carried some Ground tests on the Microbe (Non pathogenic).
    we tested microbial against vibrational and thermal loads

  • Designed various payload models

    Designed and developed Microfluidic chip for microbial growth experiments. Modelled the satellite prototype components for 3D printing.

  • Market Research (Australia)

    Collected customer validation and market research in Australia
    Understood the Australia Market potential and opportunities

  • Participated in ThincLab eChanllenge Program

    Pitched concept in ThincLab eChallenge program and carried out market research and industry competitor

  • Technology feasiblity study

    Carried out comprehensive study on available technology and biology missions carried out in the past decade – concluding the technology viability and product development.

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